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What is SEO?

Understanding the essence of this term is a number one priority for online marketing specialists.
If you are an internet fan like many, coming across the term SEO mustn’t be a rare experience, especially to those online marketing specialist as for the term might not mean a thing for a random user.


If you are a website owner, you will surely want your website to get listed at the top of all search results related to people’s chosen phrases that identify your website.
The abbreviation stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is referring to one special method used to increase the search engines of a particular website on search results.

If you are selling touristic traveling offers online, what you’d want to see is your site coming up at the top of the search results whenever somebody looks for “touristic travelling offers” or “travel offers”.

Websites are not stated randomly on search engines results. They are represented through a compound system that ranks the most suitable websites for any search made.  The system is moderately standard in all search engines regardless of the slight differences between each and every one.

Why SEO?

You need SEO to expose your website to its intended online audience. If you had the experience of searching for your competitors’ online websites you will get to know from this experience that it has high  weight on  the affect and  reach of your  business. SEO if correctly utilized will push your website to the top.

If you are keen to get your website appear firstly when searched for, it will for sure. You should know that it is a rare experience for someone to go to the next page while searching because they couldn’t find what they want in the first page. They would alternatively do a new search. Hence, the only websites which appear at the top will get the most number of visitors More traffic means exposing your website to more potential customers. This will lead to a richer exposure and revenues.

And the Digi-Tips SEO Blog provides tips, tricks and advice for optimizing websites and getting better search engine rankings.

It is a simple equation, the more visible the more reached and the more successful in getting through to people and getting deals done!