What Is Broken Link Building?

Broken-LinkBuildingLink building is a field with as many strategies as people can conceive. While the methods employed may be different for each campaign, the ultimate goal is the same: to receive enough authority to rank high in search engine results. One such method that is white hat, legitimate and ultimately helps other websites is called broken link building.

The name gives a few hints as to what is involved in this strategy. Broken link building revolves around finding pages with links to external websites that no longer work, contacting the webmasters of those websites and alerting them to these problematic links. The person then offers these webmasters alternative links that are sold as superior to the old links that these webmasters had on their pages.The most common way to go about finding links that work with broken link building is by prospecting for pages containing resource pages and by crawling through every page to find broken URLs on high-value websites.

Beyond finding broken links and contacting webmasters, the person undertaking this strategy has to ensure they have content that webmasters want to link to. The best way to ensure that said content is suitable is by using any variety of rebuilding tools to see what the defunct websites had on those pages.

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