Microsoft is investigating a victory over Google – with Amazon support

Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft has won recently by obtaining technical support Kindle Fire Microsoft search engine Bing.

Ellen Violette has said that the search engine in the Kindle Fire will be supported by Microsoft’s search engine Bing, Violet said that talks had been held in this regard between the Kindle Fire and Microsoft come after that Bing will be the search provider basic Kindle Fire HD.

As was previously Google is the primary search engine on Kindle Fire devices, and Amazon had sold last year from 4 to 6 million units of Kindle Fire last year, so it has considered Microsoft win support Kindle Fire to its search engine Google wins.

Amazon plans to sell millions more than the Kindle Fire, therefore, maintaining a good relationship with Amazon and win those deal will help Microsoft win a bigger share of the market in the long run, as they may be a good step for Amazon to reduce its dependence on Google as the hardware Kindle Fire running Android.




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