Online Marketing in the Middle East

Until recently, businesses in the Middle East seemed reluctant to spend their marketing budget on online campaigns. The vast majority of business owners in this region did not see or understand the value of online marketing for their companies and thought it would be a waste of money. This was the response that SEO companies who approached Middle Eastern businesses usually received, and this was the case until just a couple of years ago. Business owners there simply did not see the value in an online advertising service.


Middle Eastern Business Owners Are Catching Up to the Modern World
Now, Middle Eastern business owners are catching up with the times and realizing that it is essential to a business’s success in the modern world to do at least some online marketing. This awareness has come about due to a concentrated effort by the largest SEO companies to educate business owners in the Middle East about the value of promoting their businesses on the Internet. This awareness campaign is paying off. In the past year, the number of Middle Eastern companies using online marketing services has shot up over 1,000%! This is the largest area of growth for SEO companies in the world. Middle Eastern business owners are finally understanding what SEO companies can do for them and they are humping on board by the thousands. As more business owners in this region see the benefits and viability of online marketing, they will tell their colleagues and even more businesses will begin to advertise online. The market is wide open for any company wishing to help businesses in the Middle East promote themselves online.
More Internet Users Mean More Opportunities for Businesses to Advertise Online
There are currently over 93 million Internet users in the Middle East and that number is steadily increasing. When business owners are shown these statistics, they start to realize the potential in an online marketing campaign. These Internet users are largely young, technically savvy people, but the older generation is catching on fast. With an increasing audience just waiting to see what businesses in their local area have to offer, Middle Eastern business owners are beginning to see that they are leaving money on the table in vast amounts if they ignore marketing on the Internet. There is a whole new generation of potential customers just waiting for those businesses to show up on their computer screens. Google is even getting in on the act by opening a regional office in Egypt. For Middle Eastern business owners, the time to start marketing online is now and more of them are realizing this every day.
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