Death of Google’s Keyword Tool Heralds Launch of Keyword Planner

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click professionals are mourning the death of Google’s Keyword Tool. Its replacement with the Keyword Planner has met with mixed reviews at best or outright disdain at worst. 

Among other understandable complaints regarding the new Keyword Planner, is the new requirement to log in to AdWords for access. In addition to the extra step for accessing the planner, some of the features previously available in Keyword Tool have disappeared.The ability to search for similar keyword terms was one of the most used and most loved features of the Keyword Tool. Though that specific feature is not available at this point in Keyword Planner, Google’s Courtney Pannell has suggested that some version of it will be returning to keyword planner in upcoming weeks.

Unlike the current unavailability of similar keyword search, one feature that has SEO and PPC professionals smiling involves geographic segmentation. Google’s Keyword Planner enables those strongly focused on city-level search volume information to get the data they desperately need to deliver quality results for their clients. This new ability is invaluable, as mobile device usage becomes ubiquitous and webmasters scramble to provide locally relevant content to drive search results.

Those who have now used both tools have noticed differences in search volume data reports. The elimination of match types and device types appear to be responsible for the reported differences. By default, Keyword Tool displayed search volume results for laptop and desktop uers only. Mobile devices were not included. Keyword Planner, on the other hand, displays search volume results across all devices. Therefore, the search volume you see with Keyword Planner is generally higher than that you would see with the same keyword volume assessment on the older Keyword Tool.

Whether complete overhauls like the recent Hummingbird algorithm change, algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, or the addition of a social networking function, changes made by the search engine giant are often first met with suspicion or concern. As time passes, and users become more familiar with Google’s new keyword analysis mechanism, they will likely embrace it with as much enthusiasm as its former iteration.

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