Keyword Match Types


Keyword match types can be used to help ensure that your advertisements are only shown to people that may actually take an interest in them. This reduces the risk of your advertisement being clicked by someone who doesn’t care about it, which would increase your marketing expense.

Main Keyword Match Types

The main keyword match types go and effect your advertisements as follows:

  • Broad Match – Even synonym keywords will work. These are words that are similar in meaning.
  • Broad Match Modifier – These are close word matches, but not exactly synonyms.
  • Phrase Match – The phrase needs to match your keywords, or at least only have minor word differences.
  • Exact Match – The keywords need to be exactly as typed.
  • Negative Match – The search can’t include any of your keywords.

You need to be careful when restricting your advertisements. By limiting them too much, you may make your advertisement rarely, if ever, be shown to users. This makes it useless, so use caution. Be extra careful if you use the negative match, as this is the trickiest.

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