What is SEM?


SEM, Search engine marketing combines two marketing practices for getting traffic to your website. These are called SEO (search engine optimization), and PPC (pay-per- click) and are used together in SEM, giving you better results than using either one alone. Search engine optimization focuses only on bringing in the traffic from free links and relies on keywords to make your website appear as high as possible in the web search results list. It does not cost you anything if someone searches and clicks on your link. With pay-per-click you pay for ads or special placement of your link instead of relying on keywords. SEM puts the strengths of these, plus any other minor search engine optimization activities together.

As an industry SEM is also the title of the industry that provides SEM services. Under this title, you will find a variety of sections providing professional SEM services if you hire someone instead of promoting your website yourself. Some of these sections function for specific reasons such as marketing, conferences, awards and acquisitions, among others. Your chosen SEM professional will help you decide which sections and services are best for your website.Research is required for SEM because it targets results to who is looking for your website, product or service. The process always works better when you take time to figure out what you need and expect from your Search engine marketing efforts. Planning is time well spent.
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