Linkbuilding Strategies After Google Panda Update


Well now that they know that the Google Panda update is no joke in the way it’s affected high page rank sites and sizable brands, they must be more cautious about the way it can affect us. The query they must ask ourselves now is how this new Panda algorithm will affect our linkbuilding.

Links will never be the same
Google’s Panda algorithm has uncovered shady linkbuilding methods such as JCPenney,, Forbes and more. It’s also penalized low quality sites as well as spammy/scraper sites in their recent update. What does this mean for SEO specialists and linkbuilders?

Sites with small or no moderation are to be avoided as well. in the event you can see your comment link approved immediately after you post it. Those sites are most probably the home of plenty of outbound links and spam. You don’t need your link to be found anywhere near there.

Watch out for sites that are peppered with Google adsense, text links, or other promotion gimmicks.They are not something that neither Google nor people would call ‘quality sites’. Get away from them.

Don’t stick to what Google deems as ‘low quality’ sites. Meaning now that they have penalized wisegeek, ezinearticles, mahalo, etcetera – don’t work yourself up anymore in trying to acquire links from those sites. For example, in the event you were someone who liked to go with article submission through ezinearticles for links back to your site, you need to think two times now that it’s significantly dropped in rating due to its reputation with Google as a low quality site.

How ought to you do your linkbuilding with the Panda update?
Well, there’s actual authentic way to build links ‘ generate lovely, quality content that people love and will link to. Write your heart out. Have an interest in people and in giving people the things they have an interest in. Generate videos that will get viral and generate buzz. Linkbaiting is a great way to go and chances are, Google ain’t going to penalize your matchless content because of its value and authenticity.
Yes it’s a much slower route to take – but it’s what’s here to stay.


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