Mobilegeddon – The Google Mobile Friendly Update

Mobilegeddon Mobilegeddon” is the popular name for Google’s latest update. This is one of the more significant updates in recent years, one that will affect many websites. Google is now placing a high value on the mobile-friendliness of websites. Unlike most other previous updates, the search engine giant actually gave people some warning for this one. An official announcement was made over a month before the update took effect. Even before this, Google was giving not-so-subtle hints that website owners should take measures to make their sites more accessible to mobile users.

Most Important Facts About This Update

Mobilegeddon, which went into effect on April 21, 2015, is part of the major internet trend of more and more people using smartphones and other mobile devices. Google has stated that this update only applies to smartphones and not to tablets. While tablets are also very popular, users of iPads and other tablets don’t typically encounter the same type of problems that smartphone users do, due to the small size of the screens. Another important aspect of this update is that Google is assessing each site as either being mobile friendly or not; sites are not being rated on a scale. This makes it very simple and straightforward.

How Can Websites Comply With Mobilegeddon?

There are several factors that Google considers when determining how mobile friendly a site is. You should pay attention to these points if you don’t want to risk being penalized.

    • Mobile users should be able to read the text without zooming.
    • Links should be easy to click and not too close together to each other.
    • Flash and other software that is not compatible with mobile should be avoided.
  • Pages should be easy to see without the visitor having to scroll.


How to Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

You can, of course, check your site using a smartphone. This will give you a good overall idea of how mobile friendly it is. If you want to be more thorough about it, you can use tools provided by Google itself. Google has made it very easy to check this by providing a Mobile Friendly Test. At least with this update, you have a simple tool that tells you exactly whether or not you’re conforming to Google’s latest standards. This makes it simple to make changes if necessary.

Even apart from Google, it makes sense to do everything you can to make your websites mobile friendly, especially if you use your site for business. Many people like to shop using their smartphones, so you’ll find it easier to make sales if such customers have an easy time navigating your site. Now, however, mobile friendliness will also have a major impact on the SEO of your site.

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